I finally start my blog … “Bas, Aise hi” (just like that)

Welcome to blogging!

Like so many Software programmers, one always starts with a sample “Hello World” application.  And so do I … by saying a small Hello to the mega world of blogging that lies out there.

I may not post so frequently. And all my posts may be senseless gibberish.

They will be just random thoughts that are floating around in my almost empty head, that I just feel like putting down somewhere.

Another thing that I think I should do in the near future is make a list of “50 Things To Do in Life”.
Or atleast start making a list, whatever be the count, and then see if there are some that I can already tick off 🙂 Some others I could work on ticking off some time soon.

Also, once I think its a decent list worth posting, I could possibly even post it here.