A few months back, couple of friends mentioned about blogging and how they were regular visitors to blogs and how they had eventually started their own blogs. I visited their blogs, and I liked them. One of them frequently posted his own poetic creations also. The other friend, a female ex-colleague, wrote these beautiful posts about her thoughts on life. It was all quite philosophical but I loved reading them … until she decided that she needed to stop the blog temporarily and move it elsewhere. After that I have not been in touch with her, and lost my “blog-mania” for some time.

Then, a couple of months back, I was missing my wonderful city of Mumbai so much that I decided to “google” for anything others like me might be writing about that wonderful city – articles, blogs, discussion forums.
And thats how I stumbled over Punds’ wonderful Mumbai-Series post and his blog … man, that sure made me nostalgic.
And that was the day I got struck once again by blog-mania.

Since then I have been reading, searching, jumping over various blogs.
Some I keep going back to. Others I visit once in a while. And then some … well, some just didn’t match my wavelength, so I have temporarily stopped visiting these.

Now, I decided to start my own blog. I sat down one fine day and put out 3 posts … all this without still making my blog public or giving out my URL anywhere. And within 2 days I thought “Naaa …. blogging does not seem to be for someone with nil writing abilities like me. After all, which sane person would want to read my posts !
And, given my present work scenario, I know even if I do blog, it will be very “regularly irregular”. The posts will come once in a blue moon, and that will lead to any few visitors who did come, to never want to come back.

Then yesterday, “Phatichar” (from one of those funtastik blogs which I visit daily) also asked the same Q that “Full2Faltu” had asked a few weeks back …. “do u blog? what is ur URL ?”

Ok, that set me going …. let me just try doing this for a few weeks. If people like my “rooobish stuff”, I will go & put out more of it.

And so, today, 13th Dec, almost 2 months after I first created this blog, I would like to make it public for all my blog-mates out there.
Come here once in a while, read if you find anything interesting, and yes … tell me what you feel.

And if I see many people giving me good criticisim & feedback, I will continue. 
If not and if more people feel I should stop blogging ….
well, I might still continue … Aise Hi !!