I don’t gamble much, I don’t buy lottery tickets at all.

I do not take part in those lucky competitions where you enter a code from the cap of your cola bottle, at a website – to see if you won yourself (a) the Grand Bumper prize of a Toyota Camry or (b) an iPod  or (c) A year’s supply of your favourite cola (well, here the cola company does not know that the only reason you purchased this particular cola is because the office vending machine had run out of your favourite brand)

And one of the reasons I don’t do it is … … the many occasions that I have tried in the past, I have never won. I have even lost a friendly bet of a pizza-treat, on a cricket match, betting for India to beat a weak team like Zimbabwe and that too with the match being played on Indian soil ! Things couldn’t possibly be much worse than that.

But yesterday, this incident happened. And it reinforced my belief that if you try doing things for others – if you try making others happy, you will become happy. Like the wise man says, ‘What goes around comes around

So, the story goes … many months ago, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was filling out these silly competion entry-forms on the last few pages of a Bollywood gossip magazine. Some may ask as to who actually buys gossip-magazines these days … isn’t everything and a lot more available on the internet and on TV ! True, but I had bought the pakka Bollywood magazine just for the sake of nostalgia 🙂

So, there I was, sure that I was not going to win anything … not even the consolation prize of the funny shaped, small FM radio player. And after putting in the answers to the movie trivia questions, I was filling in my details.  After writing my name & address for the first competition, I thought “Hey, given my lucky stars, I will never win anything anyway”. So, why not write somebody else’s name in there and see if it changes the luck. And thinking this way, I filled out my cousin’s name & address, posted back the competition forms … and forgot about it. Didn’t even mention this to my cousin, or to anyone.

And then yesterday, I was chatting with the same cousin (of course on the net, via Messenger)  The topic switched to food, and I asked her what was the menu for dinner. Then she told me this incident where she had received a parcel from the same movie magazine, saying that she had won the 2nd prize in some silly competition. And the prize was a “Multi-purpose Food Processor” of some famous brand.
She said she was initially afraid to open the parcel, saying how could she have won it, she doesn’t even read that magazine – even though the name & address were 100% correct on the parcel. Anyway, now she has been using the same in her kitchen for some time and she said it was good.

I have not yet got around to letting her know that my trivia-answers and her luck was behind it all.  I will tell her someday soon. For now,  I am happy that my silly magazine proved to be of some good use for someone 🙂