Today, there was a picture on the BBC-News site with this caption “Japanese 20-year-olds celebrate their Coming of Age day all around the country. It is the age at which they are allowed to drink alcohol and vote in elections.”

This got me thinking … I did not actually celebrate the date / age from when I was legally allowed to drink alcohol and vote. Later, I did vote in a couple of elections. And I did celebrate a lot many times the fact that I was legally allowed to drink alcohol 🙂

Talking of age, I think I am beginning to get old. After all, you can see so many signs which say that you are not that young and not so full-of-energy any more …

1. More than 75% of the Indian Cricket Team is younger than you
2. All the athletes in the Athletics and Gymnastics events of the Asian Games are half your age or even less than that.
3. The current batch of kids who play in the apartment complex don’t call you “Chettan” or “Dada” (meaning Elder Brother in Malayalam & Marathi respectively). Instead they call you “Uncle” !
4. The question at the friendly place where you go for your hair-cuts has changed from “Which college are you studying in?” to “How many kids do you have?”
.. and many more signs like them.

But then the wise man says “You are as young or old as you feel”. Thats what I am going to follow … I will always be 21 yrs old ! And from now, I will only use Santoor soap.