* Notice : This is something that I have written based on a story reported in the media last week. Everything written in this post is a figment of my imagination and bears no resemblance to the persons in the actual incident or to any other person living or dead. The names I have used are random names that came to my mind.

Maybe, its just my way of putting out the anger that I feel, on reading of such an incident. And that the incident happened in my town, Mumbai. Mumbai which has been agreed to by many people, including members of the female sex, to be the “safest city in India to live in, travel around in”. Maybe the city is not so safe any more.


— 3rd Jan,  2013 – 9:00 PM – Apartment in a town (somewhere in India) —

Trinity opened a new mail that she had just got. It was from someone she did not know.
There were 2 photos in the mail –  2 different photos combined side-by-side into a single jpeg file.

The first photo was a close-up of some guy, whom she did not recognise. Even though it was a close-up, seemed that the guy in the photo was lying unconscious on a pavement, and looked like he did not have his shirt on him. This fella seemed to be lying surrounded by what looked like confetti … loads & loads of confetti.

Trinity froze on seeing the second photo. It brought back memories of a horrible incident from 6 years back.
It was a photo in which Trinity herself could be seen. Of course, nobody could recognize her in the photo as only her back was seen in the photo not her face. But she knew who it was – for 2 reasons.  One, the photo had been made famous by the media, when the news of that incident had come out. Two, she knew it – because she was the one at the centre of the whole incident.

And suddenly she realized it. Trinity saw what the sender of the mail wanted her to see — the unconsious guy in the first photo, could be seen in the second photo too !!!
The same guy was standing right next to her, his face almost clearly seen, in the photo from six years back.

Apart from the photos, there were 2 website links in the mail – and nothing else. No details of the sender, no other text. And the sender’s mail id was obviously an anonymous id – “payback2006-at-gwayindia.com”

The first link said “Photographer captures girl being harassed by 60 men” – she knew this story better than what the media had published then.  The second link took her to some local New York news website, and she read the small article –

Indian IT guy attacked on New Years Eve

A man was found badly beaten and in an unconscious state in one of the bylanes near the Times Square, in NYC, in the early hours of Tuesday. He was reportedly found sans any clothes on his body, and only the confetti from the previous night’s New Year celebrations at Times Square seemed to cover him. The cleaning people who had started out the huge task of cleaning the tons of confetti were the first to notice him.

He was taken to the hospital. An hospital spokesperson said that the guy is still in an unconscious state and that he has multiple injuries & fractures in both his legs. He is currently under medical observation.
The identity of the person has been revealed as Andes, an Indian IT professional who seems to be working for one of the big finance firms in New York. The hospital authorities have asked for anyone who knows this person to contact them.


Trinity was lost as to who could have done this. The only other person who knew about the 2006 incident was her husband of 8 years, Neo – and that was because Neo was there with her when it all had happened. They had not spoken about it to any living soul. They had even promised each other that they will never ever mention the traumatic incident again, even among themselves. And at this very moment, Neo was in Singapore, where he had taken up a new job in November. There was no way he could have anything to do with this.

The phone rang, shaking Trinity out of her thoughts.

‘Hey, its me. I just got an e-mail with 2 photos ! ‘