This one is for you, Punds. Its also my tribute to the wonderful memories of ‘kattas’ that many of us have, and a salute to the wonderful city of Mumbai.

This post is inspired by the Sugandhi-Katta photo on Punds blog.

Punds, hope you won’t mind my interviewing Sugandhi-katta without taking your permission.


She has always been there for all her friends. She has seen it all – Friendship & Rivalry, Affairs & Fights, Cricket-playing teenagers & Cycle-riding kids. She has seen people through their growing-up years – from school to college to their first jobs, and then she has seen the next generation grow up. At times, she has been hounded by paparazzi. Most of the times, she has been hated by parents. She has been ‘blogged’ about.

And, today in a chat with “Walkers & Talkers”, she says that she still has a lot more to see.

Walker Gupte (WG) : Hello and welcome to Walkers & Talkers. I am Walker Gupte and my guest today is Sugandhi Katta — who recently won the “Most Popular Katta of Mumbai” award at the ‘Public-Ka-Choice Awards’.
Sugandhi-ji, welcome to the show. And Congratulations on getting the award.
Sugandhi Katta (SK) : Thank you. And thank you for having me on the show.

WG : First, how does it feel to have an online presence ?
SK : One of my long time friends, Punds, was the first person to put a post about me on the internet, sometime last year. I felt proud that day, when some of the others sitting here mentioned that I was the first ever katta to be on the internet.

WG : You live in the hustle-bustle of Borivali. Tell us your thoughts about this suburb and the people here.
SK : Borivali is a wonderful & happening place. Given the fact that I am a katta, I have not travelled to other places. But my friends have travelled to places all over the world, from Australia to Netherlands to America. And I have heard them say that there is no place like home and that they always look forward to coming to Borivali again. So, I feel I am lucky to have been here, and to have known such nice people

WG : You have seen so many things. You would have so many memories. Could you share one or two unforgettable memories with us
SK : The most unforgettable incident that I will always remember is Roshan declaring his true feelings to Aditi. It happened right here. Very rarely did girls come over to sit with me. But then, that day, since no one else was around, Roshan & Aditi were sitting here talking about silly things, when suddenly Roshan popped the question. And Aditi said ‘Yes’. To think of it,  that was 12 years ago. Now, I hear they have moved to another flat a few minutes from here. But even now, on some days, Roshan & Aditi come for an evening walk together, in this ground.

WG : You mentioned Punds. Any other people you would like to mention here.
SK : Punds & I have known each other since a long time. He & some of his friends spent time with me even last month, when he was here on vacation for a few days.
Oh yes, I almost forgot. Bittu, as he was known to all of us, played and honed his cricket skills in this very ground. He used to jog & exercise regularly, and to take breaks in between, he would come and sit with me, in the shade of this very tree. Well, Bittu is known as Vinodh Kamath to those cricket fans who have followed the 10+ Test matches and 40+ ODIs that he played for India. Vinodh used to visit me very regularly, from his school days right upto when he went to play Club Cricket in South Africa

WG : Thats about the time we have for today. Thank you, Sugandhi-ji, for sharing a few moments of your life with us. Before I go, is there anything that you would like to tell our viewers ?
SK : Just want to say this to all the viewers – Everywhere, in every corner of the world, there is a Katta like me, in one form or the other. We ‘kattas’ will always be there to support you, to listen to you. And we will always be with you – we will cry with you during the sad times, we will laugh with you during the nice times, we will share your sweat … and your sweets. For those of you who live nearby, I will always be here, watching out for you.

And, last but not the least, thank you very much to Punds, for putting out my story on his blog and for being the voice of all Kattas in this world.