The last post in a trilogy that I put down, inspired by a news-item — about an incident which happened in Mumbai on New Years Eve – December 2006.

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Notice :  Everything written here is just an output of my imagination. It bears no resemblance to any person living or dead. The names I have used are random names that occured to me.


— 14th Feb, 2014 – 5:45 PM – A palatial House in Mumbai —

Morpheus thumbed through the secret file of news-printouts and other little notes he had scribbled. Each page had been dated, and was in chronological order. He started with the “Dec, 2006 – Mumbai” page. This page had a news from the “Daily News & Analysis” newspaper.

This was followed by more printouts & notes. He only kept reading the titles on top of the pages –
May,  2011 – Bangalore – Cypher
July, 2012 – Mumbai – Abie
Jan,  2013 – New York – Andes

He paused at the “Jan, 2014 – Toronto – Jonzy” page. There was a printout from a Toronto city website, dated 23rd Jan 2014 —
“An Indian businessman, Mr. Jonzy  fell from the balcony of a rooftop Italian restaurant in Toronto. There were conflicting eye-witness reports about the accident. One lady said she had seen the guy having a few drinks and tottering around. She thought all that alcohol inside him caused him to lose his balance and topple over. But there was a waiter who said he thought he saw a man going too near to Mr. Jonzy and that man may have pushed Mr. Jonzy. The alleged ‘pusher’ made his exit in between all the commotion.
Mr. Jonzy had a few broken bones, but he was reported to be on the way to recovering soon and getting out of hospital in a couple of weeks.”

Morpheus added a new page to his ‘Payback-2006’ file. He was amused by the fact that in this case he did not have to do anything extra. The past incidents had created such an effect ! 

The page added was a news from a U.K newspaper website. It was about an Indian business consultant who had met with a fatal accident last week, on the M4 near Slough. No particular reason was known for the accident except that the driver possibly lost control and crashed to his death.

Morpheus knew what he had done on some occasions in the past was outside legal boundaries. But he did not care. He had immense wealth & power … & contacts all over the world. And he was just using some of that to make some people pay for the harm they had done. It was his own anonymous way of giving back to the society, to his city, to the people who love that city. Trinity was the 4th person he had ‘given back’ something !
He did not want any lives to be lost, but this particular case had gone out of his control.

Morpheus read the last few lines of the news article … Colleagues of Mr. Smyth, at the finance firm he was working for, told this newspaper-reporter that Smyth had started behaving a bit crazy since the last 10 days – it was as if some thing had shocked him out of his senses.  Just minutes before his accident,  Smyth is supposed to have told his friend on the phone  “The past catches up … it always catches up with you. No matter how far you try to run, your sins will come back and get you

Feb, 2014 – London – Smyth‘ – Morpheus wrote on top of the page, closed the file and added it to the others in his personal safe.

— 14th Feb, 2014 – 7:15 PM – Apartment in Singapore —

Trinity had joined Neo in Singapore in May. They had now settled down to life in what they had made their new home. They had wanted to leave Mumbai behind forever,  since that ‘black night’.

Through the past few months, they had received a few mails from the same anonymous id “payback2006-at-gwayindia.com”. The last had come 2 days ago, with a U.K news article.
This mail had this line at the end “Alls well that ends well. Signing out for now

Neo & Trinity wanted to leave the whole incident and its memories behind, and carry on with life. On seeing this mail, they thought “Nobody, not even close family & friends, knew about the fact that we both were the victims of that day. And, until now, no one had been able to find the people behind it. But it was nice to know that there is someone out there. Someone who knows … and who had set out to punish the guilty.”

Now putting all that behind them, they were on their way to a nice, romantic dinner at one of the big hotels in Marina Square. After all, this was their first Valentines Day together in Singapore, their new home !