The moment Kartik saw her walk through the restaurant doors, his heart skipped a beat. Inside his head, a dozen romantic A.R.Rehman songs started playing – all together, all at once.
Just as he had seen & heard in so many blockbuster movies, he ‘felt’ that he was falling in love.

Her name was Geeta. And about half an hour later, Geeta and Kartik were sitting at a quite, corner table in the restaurant and talking about a dozen different things, over coffee and pizza. They found that they had a lot of common interests & likes … and also that they had quite opposite opinions on a lot other things. They even found common friends – like how both of them were very close to Shankar Uncle from Maidenhead.

Kartik had come down to London, all the way from Glasgow, for an important meeting. Geeta lived & worked here, in London. And now, Kartik had fallen in love with her. He had made up his mind that this was the girl with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

After more than an hour passed in pleasant conversation, they both got up to leave – to go their own respective ways. They did have each others phone numbers and mail-ids. Even though this was the first time he had met her, Kartik lost no time in expressing his feelings to Geeta. She said that she could not decide immediately and that she needed a little time to think.

The next morning, Geeta called up her parents in Bangalore …

“Amma, the meeting went off well yesterday. Its a ‘Yes’ from my end”

 ”Wooow, thats wonderful, Geethu. Shankar Uncle had called about an hour ago. He said that Kartik’s parents have also conveyed his ‘Yes’. Congratulations, my sweet little angel. I am soooo happy for you”


5 Responses to “Over Coffee & Pizza …”

  1. thanu Says:

    Kya ho raha hai me totally confused..

    Is this a short story, or someone u know is getting married, or u r getting married…

    jo bi hai here is to wishing geeta and karthik a long and happy married life

  2. Taks Says:

    >> thanu : its just a short story 🙂 it is ‘Fiction’, but I am sure that there are many ‘Geetas & Kartiks’ out there in a similar situation. ab confusion clear ho gaya na ?

  3. What is the inspiration for this fiction? Is it a page from your own life or from the life of a friend 🙂

  4. manuscrypts Says:

    is that a love@first random sight, where the first sight happened to be arranged?

  5. Taks Says:

    >> N.C : it is fiction, partly inspired from a few incidents seen over the last few years

    >> manuscrypts : you said it … the 1st sight happened to be an arranged one

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