Last week, I had gone to the post-office – which by itself is a rare thing nowadays 🙂
One of my colleagues had moved onto a new project, in a different city. And I had the last few letters & bills that had come to his old address here. I was to send the few important ones to his new address.

In the post-office, I went in and took a few envelopes off the shelf. I thought that, while I was here, I should pick up a couple of bigger envelopes for myself – to send some prints of the latest vacation photos to the folks back in India 🙂

I put in all my friends’ letters into one of the envelopes. When I proceeded to write the address, I found that I did not have a pen. Surprisingly, the pens on the desks at the back, which the post-office provides for its customers, were all missing too.
I remembered that I had a pen in the car. So, taking the half a dozen envelopes with me, I walked out of the post-office, into the parking lot, opened the car — and then it struck me.
I had taken items which were on sale, and walked out without paying for them. Of course, I knew that I had come out only to take a pen & that I was going back in. But, technically, I had committed a crime …  ‘stealing’ !
If at that moment, a postal employee had run out, shouting that I was a thief, I would not have been able to deny it !

With the pen in my hand, I made a sprint back into the safety of the post-office. I quickly proceeded to pay for all the items & services that I wanted.

Thankfully, nobody seemed to have noticed my ‘crime’. At least nobody made any mention of it.
And when I returned to my car, there was no car waiting outside, with flashing lights & wailing sirens. Only one thing has been nagging me since then – do they have CCTV surveillance at the post-office ?