Khuda se Mannat …”  –  have you listened to this song ? Meaningful lyrics … I love this song.

During my school days, when I used to watch the old Bollywood movies & their songs, when Shammi Kapoor was Yahoo-ing down snow covered slopes, the only place I wanted to visit was Kashmir. To me, Kashmir seemed the most beautiful place on this planet. I suppose it still is the most beautiful place … but since many years, not many tourists are willing to visit it.

Recently, I watched a Malayalam movie ‘Keerthi Chakra’ – where the story basically is about the protagonist being a part of the Indian Army contingent fighting in Kashmir.
The below Hindi song is from this Malayalam movie, sung beautifully by Kailash Kher.

Just listening to this song gives me the same feeling that I felt when I watched it … of floating on the Dal Lake in a small boat, with the snow-capped peaks towering all around. It is is a touching song, showing the emotion of the people who long for the old & peaceful Kashmir.


Khuda se Mannat hai meri
Lauta de Jannat woh meri !
Woh Aman, woh chaman ka nazaara
O Khudaya, lauta de Kashmir doobara !
Meri rooh ki tasveer … mera Kashmir
O Khudaya, lauta de Kashmir doobara !

Charon taraf to pehle sukoon hi Sukoon tha
Awam ko Watan se Ishq ka Junoon tha
Ab Yahan qatl hai, ab Wahan khoon hai
Meri aulad mere Kashmir se mehroom hai, mehroom hai

Mera Kashmir savaanra kyon,
Jab isko yoon Ujadna tha
Khushnuma manzar pe khanjar kyon chalaya
O Khudaya, lauta de Kashmir doobara !
Meri Rooh ki Tasveer … mera Kashmir
O Khudaya, lauta de Kashmir doobara !

Chaahe Kafan ka joda mujhko pehna de Tu
Mere Bacche ko woh Jannat, woh Kashmir dikha de Tu
Woh mera Gulistan ban gaya shamshaan
Yahan maut ki dehleez pe khada hai har Insaan

Tamanna hai guzaarish hai, Dard-e-dil ki khwahish hai
Doobti kashti ko dila de Tu kinara
Woh Aman, woh chaman ka nazaara
O Khudaya, lauta de Kashmir doobara !
O Khudaya, lauta de Kashmir doobara !
Meraa Kashmiiir … Merra Kashmiir !
Merraa Kashmiiir … Merraaa Kaashmeeeer !


 If you would like to listen, go here – musicindiaonline & check out the song titled ‘Gudase Mannathu‘, sung by Kailash Kher.

As some very wise man had said long ago …

Agar zameen pe jannat hai, to wo yahin hai, yahin hai, yahin hai ” (If there is heaven on earth, it is on this land, it is here, it is right here)

I sure hope to be able to visit Kashmir some day soon, and stay a few days in a house boat on the Dal lake