Operator : Thank you for calling Blog-aholics Anonymous. This is Farrah, How may I help you today ?

Hello, I am Simran Malhotra. I am calling about my husband.

Operator : Yes, ma’am. Please tell me what is the problem you are facing ?

I first met Raj in 1995. He said “Come, Fall in Love” … and I fell for him.
After all those lovely duets we sang in the Chopra-esque Swiss Alps, and after my Gatorade sponsored sprint, to board an Indian Railways train, me & Raj eventually got married. We came back to live in London. Ours was a “happily-lived-ever-after” kind of life, the kind you see at the end of most Bollywood movies.

Operator : Yes. Everything seems perfect. Then … ?

Everything was fine … until Raj started this ‘anonymous’ blog – and eventually became obsessed with it. Since then, he has forgotten me – his wife. And he does not care about our 3 children – Poggo, Disnii & Nicky.

Now, all he thinks 24×7 is for posting about anything & everything under the sun. Instead of thinking about how poor Poggo is faring badly in his Physics class, Raj is busy writing a post about his old crush for his Class XI Physics teacher.

Operator : Ma’am, to start with, are you 100% sure that your husband’s blog is an anonymous one ? Because, we allow only bloggers who have an anonymous-blog to join our group, and avail the facilities.

Yes, I am sure. He blogs under the username – “srk_raj”. And the url for his blog is “******-dot-********-dot-com” (* — URL not disclosed here to prevent hacker attacks and hatred-comments)
Nobody knows that this is his blog, not even Sheena, my friend from Europe. In fact I came to know about this blog only a year after he had started.

Operator : Ok, let me quickly verify the blog. Meanwhile, you can continue. Give me further details. When did you feel that the situation has gone out of control ?

Well, yesterday we were talking about some of the trash movies that get released these days. I asked him about his fav movies from his college days. He did not say anything. He just gave me the URL for his post about his favourite movies.

And then, today morning Karran.J called to ask him his address – to send over a few DVDs. Raj gave him his Blog URL – because that is all he thinks about all the time !!!

He may forget to brush his teeth on some days – actually almost every day, but he will not sleep without having atleast made 2 posts on his blog daily

Operator : Ma’ am, this certainly is very serious. He needs to be immediately put in the ‘Internet-less Care Unit’ (I.C.U) and his “de-blog-ication” treatment has to be started. Give me your address, and I will send over the blog-ulance to your home right now !!!