I used to look forward to visiting Gumsar’s blog everyday. Every day lunch-time meant, getting something edible from the cafeteria and sitting in front of the PC, reading his latest story-post. Gumsar was the name he had given himself on this blog, and I chose to believe that it was inspired by the poet-lyricist Gulzar.

He did not write things about himself, his job, or any general “my-day-today” like posts. All his posts were fiction – short stories. He spun such beautiful tales. His stories never stuck to the same type. They transcended across various genres. Some of his stories were wonderfully spooky – they could scare the living daylights out of the reader. So much that the reader would keep all the Laxman Sylvania bulbs in his house burning from dusk to dawn, so that one does not wake up in the middle of the night & get scared. But the reader would always want more.

Then some of his other stories, were his funny trips down memory lane. These posts would have his readers laughing away to glory and until tears came down. There would be instances of some reader breaking out into loud peals of laughter, very much like the ones we see in those Close-up Toothpaste ads.
Some of Gumsar’s stories would transport you to a different world altogether. If one story of his had you travelling in a Mumbai B.E.S.T. bus, along with the two protagonists of the story, then another story would make you feel like you were actually present on the day when Manori-Bai went around searching for her lost cow Phulgo in the dusty lanes of Sotkargaon.

All this until one day in July, he put out a post, much to the sorrow of his 50 odd regular readers, saying that he was going on vacation to Kerala for 3-4 weeks and that the next post would be in a month or so.

Soon, it was August, and everyone was expecting Gumsar to start posting soon. I used to check his blog daily even though he had said that the next post would only be in August. And everyone of his readers was sure that with a lot of fresh material from his visit to his hometown, he will come up with many more magic filled posts.
August gave way to September, which was then pushed to make space for October. Then November, December & January marched past to the tunes of the Republic Day parade – but still no further post from Gumsar. My daily checking on his blog had long ago diminished to visiting the blog ‘once in a full moon’

And then came the pleasant shock. His post on February 19th read like this …


Good News … & Thanks 

Friends, there will be no more Fiction posts on this blog. While I was posting on this blog, I was in parallel, trying to get in touch with various publishers. And finally all my efforts have paid off. A small setup, Triad House Publishers, have bought my book of short stories.
The book, name still undecided, will be out in August this year. And since I am now saving my material for this book & future possible books, I will have to prevent myself from putting these stories out on my blog here.
So, dear friends, thanks a lot for all your encouragement & feedback. If it were not for readers like you, this may not even have developed into something concrete.

All my regular readers, please send your postal address to my e-mail id and I will make sure to courier you a copy of the book when it comes out. After all, you are what has made it possible. Lets keep in touch through mails. I will keep posting updates about the book and other stuff on this blog.


After reading that, I was happy for Gumsar – happy that he was fulfilling what seemed to have been his long-cherished dream.

And I was also sad – sad that I will now have to go & find some other ‘Gumsar’ for brightening up my day … & my lunch-time reading.


Operator : Thank you for calling Blog-aholics Anonymous. This is Farrah, How may I help you today ?

Hello, I am Simran Malhotra. I am calling about my husband.

Operator : Yes, ma’am. Please tell me what is the problem you are facing ?

I first met Raj in 1995. He said “Come, Fall in Love” … and I fell for him.
After all those lovely duets we sang in the Chopra-esque Swiss Alps, and after my Gatorade sponsored sprint, to board an Indian Railways train, me & Raj eventually got married. We came back to live in London. Ours was a “happily-lived-ever-after” kind of life, the kind you see at the end of most Bollywood movies.

Operator : Yes. Everything seems perfect. Then … ?

Everything was fine … until Raj started this ‘anonymous’ blog – and eventually became obsessed with it. Since then, he has forgotten me – his wife. And he does not care about our 3 children – Poggo, Disnii & Nicky.

Now, all he thinks 24×7 is for posting about anything & everything under the sun. Instead of thinking about how poor Poggo is faring badly in his Physics class, Raj is busy writing a post about his old crush for his Class XI Physics teacher.

Operator : Ma’am, to start with, are you 100% sure that your husband’s blog is an anonymous one ? Because, we allow only bloggers who have an anonymous-blog to join our group, and avail the facilities.

Yes, I am sure. He blogs under the username – “srk_raj”. And the url for his blog is “******-dot-********-dot-com” (* — URL not disclosed here to prevent hacker attacks and hatred-comments)
Nobody knows that this is his blog, not even Sheena, my friend from Europe. In fact I came to know about this blog only a year after he had started.

Operator : Ok, let me quickly verify the blog. Meanwhile, you can continue. Give me further details. When did you feel that the situation has gone out of control ?

Well, yesterday we were talking about some of the trash movies that get released these days. I asked him about his fav movies from his college days. He did not say anything. He just gave me the URL for his post about his favourite movies.

And then, today morning Karran.J called to ask him his address – to send over a few DVDs. Raj gave him his Blog URL – because that is all he thinks about all the time !!!

He may forget to brush his teeth on some days – actually almost every day, but he will not sleep without having atleast made 2 posts on his blog daily

Operator : Ma’ am, this certainly is very serious. He needs to be immediately put in the ‘Internet-less Care Unit’ (I.C.U) and his “de-blog-ication” treatment has to be started. Give me your address, and I will send over the blog-ulance to your home right now !!!